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Hi Y'all!
So here I am wearing one of my favourite combo: a skirt and sneakers.
I have always loved wearing sneakers, I can easily be seen and identified to the team of the Sneakers addict as I own about 10 pairs of different kind of these.
I recently bought this pair and here is the first outfit starring them.
They are everything I like : blue, white, wth some black and grey accents; and they look so cool and are comfy.
I bought them on the mens' corner of the shop as I have long feet -sorry not sorry, it is what it is to be a tall girl-. And well, I think I will wear them a lot this summer and during the few years coming until I'll have to say goodbye to them.
And, once again I decided to stay faithful to a brand I adore since I started to be addicted to sneakers, NIKE; almost all the pair of sneakers I own are NIKEs, as I am really satisfied of the fitting and the different styles of the shoes of the brand.
So here is one version of these combo, starring my new kicks.
PS: no, I do not get a tattoo on my arm (yet, and I won't do it here), I just got vaccinated so as to be able to go to Africa next month - I will tell you more about that later-.

NB : And it is the 100th article on the blog!
Can't believe it's been so long that I have the blog.

Sneakers                 NIKE
Turtleneck              H&M
Skirt                       H&M
Sunnies                  MIM
Purse                     (belongs to my mom)

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