New Wave

Hi Y'all!
On that day, I was not feeling that good to do a complete photoshoot of my outfit.
So I have only a single shoot with my entire outfit.
And the rest is all about details and close-ups.
Do not hesitate to comment, it will help me improve my posts.
Thanks for stopping by.

As I mentioned it before, I'm going to Africa - more exactly in Bénin, Togo, Ghana and maybe in Nigeria if I have the time to stop by-. I'm going with my Mom and we will celebrate her birthday there as she was born in August. So I'm going to spend 25 days there and I'm sure I'm gonna enjoy it very much. I do not know if I will be able to update the blog from there so I have planned some posts so as not to leave the blog inactive during too long.
Stay tuned and see you soon!

Kimono Vest  H&M - Tank Top  BERSHKA - High Waisted Skinnies   PULL&BEAR
Crossbody (on the first photo)   IN VOGUE - Furoshiki bag (on the 2 other)   DIY
Bracelet (Left on top)  H&M - Bangles (Black & Grey)  MADEMOISELLE CHLOROPHYLLE
Bracelet (Right on top)  From Bénin - Watch    MARC BY MARC JACOBS


My Life as a Great Business School Student #1 Recap

Hi Guys!
So today, I'm not posting something about fashion, but about my life and what I have lived during the past school year.
I do not really know if this will interest you, but I kind of feel that I must do it, to realize all that I have achieve recently.

On August 2014, at the beginning of my 1st year

Well, now, I am on vacation, about to go visit my family in Africa, and I can finally rest peacefully.
I have done my internship for my first year and it was quite nice and comforting as I think it will help me enter more easily in the Fashion world.
I have also learned that I am going to spend my exchange semester in one of the countries I really wanted to go so as to do it (I will talk about that later).

On December 2014, before the departure of the Second Year Students

But now, let's just talk with my first year as a Great Business School Student.

So I learned about a year ago, 2 weeks after I have finished my interviews in several Great Business Schools, that I was accepted in ESC Rennes School of Business, that was my second favorite. I felt really at ease during my interview there and I had the feeling that I will definitely enjoy studying there.
And I really did! I had a lot of fun as the city is really alive at night and as I was there with some of my prep school friends.
I also met really interesting and funny people and I am just looking forward to see them again in September for Round 2 aka the Second Year of the Great Business School Program.

On April 2015, just before the Final Exams
During that first year as an independent young woman, I have learned how to build a budget, how to handle all administrative stuff and just how to live by myself without my parents so as to help me when I'm facing a problem. I just learned how to be more mature and self reliant.

I am now a new me, and I actually like that person I am becoming : more self-confident, more mature, more honest and more independent.


Sun is Up!

Hi Y'all!
As the title says, on the day I shot this series, the sun was there.
And it was really brillant and hot.
So on this day, I decided to wear shorts with a white tee- I do not wear shorts often- but not classical denim cut-off; I wore boyfriend distressed shorts to be exact.
I decided to go a little edgy by pairing my white tee and denim shorts combo with a sleveless suit jacket; et voilà!
As always, do not hesitate to comment so as to let me know what you think.


Sleeveless Jacket  MNG SUIT  - Tee FOREVER 21  - Boyfriend Shorts  H&M
Cut-out Booties  SERGIO TODZI - Fedora Hat MISSGUIDED - Sunnies  MIM

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Parental Advisory Explicit Content

Hi Guys!
Let me tell you something : I love Tees or Tanks with messages. I found this one in H&M, but not in the Women's corner as I had to go, but in the kids' one. And it was not on the girls' side but in the boys' one.
I have been looking for a shirt or a tank with that catch phrase for a long time before I finally found it about a month ago.
I decided to wear it dress down as it was a cool and relaxed day for me as I did not had to go to work: I paired it with a pencil skirt, gladiators flats and a kimono vest, et voilà!
As always, do not hesitate to comment.
Thanks for visiting.

Tank                        H&M Boys
Pencil Skirt              PULL&BEAR
Kimono Vest           H&M
Gladiator Flats         ZARA
Purse                        Belongs to my mom


Keeping it Neutral

Hi Y'all!
As you may have noticed, I usually wear a lot of Black, White or Grey; I am faithful to neutral colors and Monochrome.
For this outfit, I decided to go for neutrals -again!- but in a different way that is not so basic.
I paired one of my -many- LBD, with white sneakers -that can easily be identified as Stan Smiths-, and my sleeveless duster coat; et voilà!
Here is an outfit starring neutrals, but that is edgy!
As always, do not hesitate to comment.

LBD                            H&M
Duster Coat                 MISSGUIDED
Sneakers                      GEMO
Crossbody                    IN VOGUE
Bracelet                        H&M
Gold Ankle Chain        AUREA


Statement Sneakers

Hi Y'all!
So here I am wearing one of my favourite combo: a skirt and sneakers.
I have always loved wearing sneakers, I can easily be seen and identified to the team of the Sneakers addict as I own about 10 pairs of different kind of these.
I recently bought this pair and here is the first outfit starring them.
They are everything I like : blue, white, wth some black and grey accents; and they look so cool and are comfy.
I bought them on the mens' corner of the shop as I have long feet -sorry not sorry, it is what it is to be a tall girl-. And well, I think I will wear them a lot this summer and during the few years coming until I'll have to say goodbye to them.
And, once again I decided to stay faithful to a brand I adore since I started to be addicted to sneakers, NIKE; almost all the pair of sneakers I own are NIKEs, as I am really satisfied of the fitting and the different styles of the shoes of the brand.
So here is one version of these combo, starring my new kicks.
PS: no, I do not get a tattoo on my arm (yet, and I won't do it here), I just got vaccinated so as to be able to go to Africa next month - I will tell you more about that later-.

NB : And it is the 100th article on the blog!
Can't believe it's been so long that I have the blog.

Sneakers                 NIKE
Turtleneck              H&M
Skirt                       H&M
Sunnies                  MIM
Purse                     (belongs to my mom)


Because White is cool for the Summer

Hi Guys!
Well, the title says a lot of what I think about White: for me, it is the color that everyone should rock during summer!
And we have some much options so as to do so.
So here is one of them for me, and it won't be the only one.
I decided to pair the white separates with a light denim jacket, black open toes and one of my sales fashion finds, a little bright orange crossbody.
Et voilà!
As always, do not hesitate to comment and let me know what you think about the outfit.
PS: and yes, as you can see I am now wearing braids!

Crop Top                                       ROMWE (co-ord set)
High Waisted Skinnies                 H&M
Denim Jacket                                RED SOUL
Open Toes                                    IN EXTENSO
Crossbody                                    H&M


Outfits Snapshots: my life as an intern #2

Hi Guys!
So here is the second post in this category.

Outfit 1: Boho Style


Kimono                        H&M
V Neck Tee                  FOREVER 21
Shorts                           ZARA
Thighs                          ETAM
Cut Out Boots              SERGIO TODZI
Chain Bag                    IN VOGUE
Bracelet                        H&M

Outfit 2: Matching it up


Co-Ord                    ROMWE
Thighs                     DIM
Jacket                      PIMKIE
Boots                       H&M
Bracelet                   H&M
Necklace                 Present

Outfit 3 : LE Bomber


Bomber                               MISSGUIDED
Turtleneck                           Vintage
High Waisted Skinnies        PULL&BEAR
Cut Out Booties                   SERGIO TODZI
Cuff                                      H&M
Purse                                     DAVID JONES
Sunnies                                 MIM


The Statement Duster Coat

Hi Y'all!
So here is the Duster I bought from MISSGUIDED.
I really like this kind of clothes because it is realla versatile and can change a whole outfit just by itself.
Indeed, the base of that outfit is really simple : a black long sleeved tee and denim skinnies.
So as to put an edge to this base, I decided to wear a hat, heels and of course the Duster that make the whole look more edgy and fashionable.
And I really like the whole ensemble.
So here it is for the first outfit that features this long sleeveless Duster coat.
And it will definitely not be the last!

Duster Coat      MISSGUIDED
Top                   PIMKIE
Skinnies            KIABI
Block Heels      BERSHKA
Chain Bag         IN VOGUE
Hat                    CAMAÏEU