Online Shopping is becoming my thing (too)

Hi Y'all!
As you may know, before online purchasing on MISSGUIDED about a month ago, I had never done online shopping.
I am the kind of person who likes to try on clothes before purchasing anything. I'm used to go out so as to do shopping and do some sport - because yes, walking for hours in a mall is doing sport- at the same time. That's why I always say to my friends that "shopping is my cardio".
So let's go back to the real topic: Online Shopping.
First of all, I was reluctant to do online shopping because I always thought that I will receive things that look far far away from what I saw on the website, and also that the fitting will not be as good as if I tried the pieces on directly on the mall.
But then, when lots of my friends started to tell me about some really good wensites, I started to visit them so as to figure this out by myself and... I finally decided to enter the Online Shoppers Gang!
And I'm not disappointed at all, at the contrary I am so satisfied of what I ordered and received from MISSGUIDED and ZARA for my first try that I decided to renew the experience via MISSGUIDED and ROMWE.
And I think I'm becoming quite addited to what MISSGUIDED offers, I take a look at what's new in almost everyday. I think they're going to make me go broke someday - just kidding-.


PS: I also ordered things for my mom so not all the items ordered will be mine.


Outfit Snapshots : My life as an intern

Hi Y'all!
So here are some outfits I wore to go to work.
I did these snapshot by myself, that's why there are neither focuses and nor close-ups as I usually do -thanks to the person that added a timer to phones' cameras-.

Outfit 1 : Feeling Like a Boy


Faux Leather Jacket           PIMKIE
Dress worn as a top            FOREVER 21
Ripped Skinnies                 ZARA
Cut Out Booties                 SERGIO TODZI

Outfit 2 : A little Grungy


Khaki Jacket                      TISSAIA
Crop Top                            H&M
High Waisted Skinnies      PULL&BEAR
Booties                               H&M
Chain Bag                          IN VOGUE
Hat                                     PIMKIE

Outfit 3 : Rocking it like a lady


Sleeveless faux leather jacket          TATI
Denim Shirt                                     GRAIN DE MALICE
Bodycon Skirt                                  PULL&BEAR
Sneakers                                           NIKE AIR FORCE ONE
Chain Bag                                        IN VOGUE


Online Shopping Haul #3

Hi Guys!
I told you that I did not receive my ROMWE order when I received the one from MISSGUIDED.
Indeed, I finally received it 3 weeks after I ordered it.
So for my first order on this website, I chose a black and white graffiti Co-ordinate.
There is a crop top with a mini skirt on the same fabric and pattern.
I'm really looking forward to wear them co-ordinate or paired with other pieces!

Graffiti Print Crop Top With Ruffle Skirt (Now Sold Out)


The Maxi dress I needed

Hi Guys!
So as I am a tall girl - I'm around 5.9"- I never really happen to find a Maxi dress that was really looking as a Maxi dress on me.
But I finally did find it, and it has that twist I'm always looking for in clothes : it has a side split!
So I think this dress will become one of my go-tos during this summer.

Maxi Dress               VERA&LUCY
Denim Jacket            RED SOUL
Chain Bag                 IN VOGUE
Cut Out Booties        SERGIO TODZI
Necklace                   FOREVER 21


Online Shopping Haul #2

Hi Y'all!
I can finally admit it: MISSGUIDED can get me go broke!
I am becoming addicted to their clothing.
I ordered again and I received things faster than the 2 first times I did.
It came 2 days after I ordered these items.
And well, I'm now looking forward to wear them all and to show you outfits featuring all these beauties;
See ya.



Stripes Zone

Hi Guys!
The first time you saw that dress was when I did a shopping haul.
Ad now, you can see it alive!
I wore it on a work day, and it was cool as it can be dressed up or dressed down. I decided, for its first time worn to wear it in a casual way.
So here is the outfit.

PS: Yes, I was laughing really hard while doing the photoshoot as my co-worker, who took the photos for me, was doing weird faces so as to make me smile. And well, it worked!

Dress               ZARA.com
Boots              H&M
Necklace        FOREVER 21
Cuff               H&M
Watch            MARC BY MARC JACOBS


Online Shopping Haul #1

Hi Y'all!
I decided to create this new "category" of posts because now, I'm becoming a Online Shopper and I think this could be interesting just to do hauls about this kind of shopping.
So as you may know, I finally became part of the Online Shopper Gang a few weeks ago, and now I'm almost everyday looking for pieces that I never saw during my "cardio shopping" sessions on the city center.
So the first part is about my MISSGUIDED order that arrived on last Saturday, that is to say about 6 days after I ordered it. It took longer than the fisrt tme, but I'm still satisfied as it arrived quite quickly.
But, I'm still waiting my ROMWE order when I publish this haul. I know it will take more time to come and I will probably receive it this week as it comes from China - and well, it is further from France than the UK so...-.
Now, let's see what I ordered and received from MISSGUIDED.

Crepe High Neck Side Split Midi Dress (in Black

(also Exists in White)

Slinky Twist Neck Detail Bodycon Dress (in Camel

(also Exists in Burgundy -I will probably buy it too-, and on Khaki and Mauve for the Sleeveless Version)


THE White Skirt with MISSGUIDED

Hi Guys!
So here is the first outfit post featuring my new white statement skirt from MISSGUIDED.
I wore it to go to the restaurant for Mother's Day last Sunday.
I decided to combine it with a black shirt, a camel jacket, black heels and my Chanel look alike chain bag.
So here is the outfit!
As usual, do not hesitate to comment and let me know what you think about the outfit or if you want ton know something in particular.

Skirt                   MISSGUIDED
Shirt                   PIMKIE
Jacket                 PIMKIE
Shoes                 ALDO
Bag                    IN VOGUE Shop



Hi Guys!
Well, I wore this outfit to go to church with my family. I did not wanted to be overdressed but also not dressed down so I paired a white peplum top with dark blue skinnies and here is the result!

Peplum Top                NEW LOOK
Skinnies                      PIMKIE
Jacket                          MANGO
Block Heels                BERSHKA
Bag                             FREDERIC T