And here it is : Shopping Haul #3

Hello Guys!
As you may know, I decide to do online shopping for the first time via Missguided.
But I did not only shop online on this website but also in Zara.com even if there is Zara in my town.
Indeed, I went to the Zara store in the center city and could not find a dress I've seen on the website, and as I really wanted it, I decided to order it online and it came about 4 days ago, as fast as I received my Missguided order!
But I have not only done Online shopping but also "cardio" shopping as I was in Paris last weekend to take the TOEFL exam and I went to Forever 21 where I found a hooded dress I'm looking forward to wear.
So here are my new closet pieces.


Dress          MISSGUIDED 

Dress             ZARA

Long Side Splited Dress        VERA&LUCY  (Similar Here)

Hooded Side Splited Dress        FOREVER 21


Split it up!

Hi Y'all!
It's now been 2 weeks since I began my internship and I really enjoy doing it!
It will and is helping me out to figure what I want to do once I graduate from my Business School.
But let's come back to the real topic of this post, my outfit of the day.
Well, I had to work at home as every Wednesday, my boss has to deal with her kids and cannot work with my co-intern and I.
So I decided to go casual but not so much by wearing a burgundy split skirt and a black crop top.
I paired them with platform sneakers and some golden accessories.
Here it is!
Do not hesitate to comment.
PS : Yes, once again I'm wearing my glasses as it is a kind of day off.

Split Skirt                       BERSHKA
Crop Top                        H&M
Jacket                              PIMKIE
Platform Shoes               TOP OR
Gold Cross Necklace      Present (I have it since my birth)
Necklace                         FOREVER 21
Purse                               DAVID JONES
Nailpolish                       KIKO QUICK DRY N°849


2 Outfits, Same Piece #1 : Nude Jacket

Hi Guys!
Here is the first of a new post series on the blog : "2 Oufits, Same Piece"!
And for thhis first row, I decided to feature a Nude Jacket I recently purchased in H&M.
So Here are the looks!
Don't hesitate to comment.

Look 1

Peplum Top          NEW LOOK (Old)
Distressd Jeans     ZARA
Slippers                 H&M
Hat                        CAMAÏEU
Necklaces             H&M

Look 2 (Featuring my new haircut)

Top                                     MANGO
High Waisted Skinnies      PULL&BEAR (New Collection)
Shoes                                  ZARA (Old)
Purse                                   DAVID JONES
Sunglasses                          MIM
Earrings                              ACCESSORIES


When in doubt, wear...Black!

Hi Guys!
I think the title says it all.
PS: I wore my glasses this day because I was working at home for my internship. When I wear them I feel like I'm dressed down - I know that's weird but that's how I feel about wearing them-.

Sleeveless Perfecto                                TOUMAÏ
Tee                                                         PIMKIE
Bodycon Skirt                                        H&M (Basics)
Pointed Shoes                                        COCOPERLA
Necklace                                                ACCESSORIES (Old)
Bracelet                                                  LA HALLE!
Ankle Bracelet                                       AUREA
Silver Thumb Ring                                AUREA
Nailpolish                                              KIKO (Quick Dry n°849)


Karl Lagerfeld got me... AGAIN!

Hi Guys!
As the title said Karl got me... a second time!
During my lunch time, I was supposed to have lunch - well, that's what every normal person is supposed to do around noon-, so I bought a salmon wrap, that was  really really good tho, and I was walking around in the city center.
I entered a shop where you can find a lot of premium and designer clothing such as Rodier, Balmain, Comptoir des Cotonniers or Karl Lagerfeld of course.
So, I went in and I started just to look what they got, and I saw the Karl corner, and I choked when I saw this tee: it was definitely made for me!
I tried it on and it fitted me perfectly, not so loose, not so bodycon; so I did it again : I bought a Karl piece!
And I really happy about it!

From Behind

From the Back


My first online purchase goes to...MISSGUIDED!

Hi Y'all!
Well, first of all as the title refers to, I've never bought clothing online before...like NEVER EVER!
So, I decided to finally become an online shopper and I did it yesterday on Missguided!
I ordered 3 things for this first time - but the wishlist is way longer, it counts like 5 pairs of shoes essentially heels and dresses, coats...-
1. a grey bodycon dress (but not a basic one)
2. a white bodycon skirt (also not so basic)
3. a pair of heels for my mother for Mother's Day (which is on May,31st here in France)
But you'll have to wait to see what I ordered : I'll show you those when I receive them next week!
PS: Pia Mia is their new cover girl, I think she is really pretty and I just love her voice.


11.05: my fisrt day of internship

Hi Guys!
As you may know, I'm a Business School Student in First Year, and to be able to pass the first year, we have to have the GPA required and also to do an internship.
Mine is in Communication and Sales Department for Mademoiselle Chlorophylle a little french firm which produces eco-friendly accessories such as bracelets or hair accesories.
So today was my first day, and I really enjoyed it!
My boss is really cool and sweet and my colleague is nice and seems to be almost as interested in fashion as I am.
So, I think my 10 week internship will be great!
PS: here is what I wore for this first day, these are mirror selfie I took during my lunch time.

Nude Jacket                      H&M
Top                                    H&M
High Waisted Skinnies      H&M
Loafers                               ZARA (Old)
Purse                                  DAVID JONES
Accessories                        H&M


Going Natural with Laura Sim's

Hi guys,
Today let's talk about something new I want to talk about in the blog : hair care.
So, after having problems with my hair since a pretty long time now, I decided to go natural for some time to help my hair grow back healthier.
So, I tried on 'Laura Sim's' Brazilian Keratin Straightening Kit.
And here is the results!

Brazilian Keratin Straighthening Kit              Laura Sim's

And here is the result! (I asked my -private- hairdresser to cut my hair as a bob as well)

Crop it up!

Hi Guys!
As the title said, this outfit stars a crop top...
...paired with super high waisted skinnies, my favorite combo for this season.
It can be casual - for this outfit- as it can look really chic and really stylish.
For this casual outfit, I'm wearing a basic white crop top, but the super high waisted skinnies are not so basic, as they are with a twist taht are the white little dots.
What's more, I'm wearing a hat - that is one of my other fashobsession of the moment-.
So, let me know what you think about this outfit.
See ya. xx
Photo credit my little sister (yes, I'm back home for the summer!)

Crop Top                 PULL&BEAR
Skinnies                   PULL&BEAR
Perfecto                   MANGO
Sneakers                 NIKE (Air Force One)
Bag                          (it's my mother's)
Hat                           PIMKIE
Necklaces                H&M