My Life as a Great Business School Student #1 Recap

Hi Guys!
So today, I'm not posting something about fashion, but about my life and what I have lived during the past school year.
I do not really know if this will interest you, but I kind of feel that I must do it, to realize all that I have achieve recently.

On August 2014, at the beginning of my 1st year

Well, now, I am on vacation, about to go visit my family in Africa, and I can finally rest peacefully.
I have done my internship for my first year and it was quite nice and comforting as I think it will help me enter more easily in the Fashion world.
I have also learned that I am going to spend my exchange semester in one of the countries I really wanted to go so as to do it (I will talk about that later).

On December 2014, before the departure of the Second Year Students

But now, let's just talk with my first year as a Great Business School Student.

So I learned about a year ago, 2 weeks after I have finished my interviews in several Great Business Schools, that I was accepted in ESC Rennes School of Business, that was my second favorite. I felt really at ease during my interview there and I had the feeling that I will definitely enjoy studying there.
And I really did! I had a lot of fun as the city is really alive at night and as I was there with some of my prep school friends.
I also met really interesting and funny people and I am just looking forward to see them again in September for Round 2 aka the Second Year of the Great Business School Program.

On April 2015, just before the Final Exams
During that first year as an independent young woman, I have learned how to build a budget, how to handle all administrative stuff and just how to live by myself without my parents so as to help me when I'm facing a problem. I just learned how to be more mature and self reliant.

I am now a new me, and I actually like that person I am becoming : more self-confident, more mature, more honest and more independent.

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