Trendy Street

Hi Guys!
I think that I am finally finding my own personal style.
It mixes some on-trend items with others that I just love that are mostly streetwear and may not be on trend anymore, but who cares?
Style is supposed to be personal and individual, which means it is supposed to reflect one's personality. So my style can be described as "Girly Street" or "Trendy Street": a mix of streetwear and on-trend items as I love Fashion but am not always try to purchase the latest trendy items; and I am just a sneakers addict.
I love pieces that are comfy and Streetwear is for sure about comfort; but I also adore Trendy things so I cannot pass on them. So here is the result of this mix.
I now know how to wear Streetwear on a day basis without looking like a fitness addict.
And you, how would you describe your own style?!

As I'm used to say, thanks for passing by and do not hesitate to comment.

Cold Shoulder Midi Dress NO LABEL - Bomber Jacket (Belongs to my sister)
Sneakers  ADIDAS SUPERSTAR - Crossbody Bag  IN VOGUE

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