2 Outfits Same Piece : Distressed Denim Miniskirt

Hi guys!
Here is the first post of this month.
It features a distressed denim miniskirt form Forever21 that I bought in Colombia and that I absolutely adore!
I am off to Portugal this Friday;
I will be there for a one-year internship and I am very looking forward for it;
I will of course stay in touch with you through my blog!

As always, thanks for passing by and do not hesitate to comment.


Outfit 1

Tee  BOY LONDON - Long Cardigan  PIMKIE

Outfit 2



Bye Bye July

Hi Y'all!
Just a quick outfit post for the end of the month.
Hope you are all doing good!

As always, thanks for passing by and do not hesitate to comment.

Crop Top  FOREVER 21 - Skinnies  PULL&BEAR -  Shirt ( tied around my waist)  PIMKIE
Shoes  No Label - Choker  STRADIVARIUS


Trendy Street

Hi Guys!
I think that I am finally finding my own personal style.
It mixes some on-trend items with others that I just love that are mostly streetwear and may not be on trend anymore, but who cares?
Style is supposed to be personal and individual, which means it is supposed to reflect one's personality. So my style can be described as "Girly Street" or "Trendy Street": a mix of streetwear and on-trend items as I love Fashion but am not always try to purchase the latest trendy items; and I am just a sneakers addict.
I love pieces that are comfy and Streetwear is for sure about comfort; but I also adore Trendy things so I cannot pass on them. So here is the result of this mix.
I now know how to wear Streetwear on a day basis without looking like a fitness addict.
And you, how would you describe your own style?!

As I'm used to say, thanks for passing by and do not hesitate to comment.

Cold Shoulder Midi Dress NO LABEL - Bomber Jacket (Belongs to my sister)
Sneakers  ADIDAS SUPERSTAR - Crossbody Bag  IN VOGUE



Hi y'all!
So here is a post about my first ever order on Boohoo.com!
Yes, I have known this online shop for quite a while now but I have never really ordered anything until now.
Actually, I have had filled my bag last year around this time of the year, but I saw after a while that all the orders have had been cancelled due to some problems in the maintenance of the site so this order is technically not the first one.
But whatever.
So for this order, as it was the first official one, I only order one item for myself - along with 2 items for my mom- and it is something I have been eyeing for a long time in either online shops and blog post from the Bloggers I follow religiously for some time now.
And this item is a bellsleeves off-the-shoulder top, that you can purchase here.


It is available in 3 colors: Black, Grey and Mauve.
I decided to go for the black one as it is more adaptable than the other 2 colors -in my opinion and as a Black color lover-.
I already pictured in my head how I will style it and now that I finally received it, even more outfits ideas came to my mind.
So here I tried on this beauty.

I cannot wait to show you guys some outfits with it!
As always, thanks for passing by and do not hesitate to comment.

PS : As I am quite satisfied by this top, I will order more stuff from this site for sure.



My style

Hi Guys!
Here is my first post of July.
This outfit is really me, a mix of street and girly look.
This will definitely become my go-to outfit.
And I have great news, I will spent a year as an intern in Clients Relationship Management for Asos in Portugal. I am so happy!
As always, thanks for passing by and do not hesitate to comment.

Crop Top   FOREVER21 - Skirt   H&M - Jacket   VINTAGE 



Feeling Childish

Hi guys!
Here is what I wore 3 days ago.
I was feeling quite playful, and it was sunny so I decided to wear a crop top paired with some Girlfriend jeans and my Adidas Superstar.
By playful, I mean nostalgic of my younger years. I am still young though so I can wear this crop top without looking weird.
What's more, I adore Mickey and Disney - I want to Disneyland Paris with my friends about 3 years ago and I want to go back as soon as I can-.
So on that day, I decided to wear my brand new Mickey crop top that I found in FOREVER 21 a few days before.
So, here is the result.

Crop Top  FOREVER 21 - Girlfriend Jeans  FOREVER 21 - Denim Jacket  RED SOUL
Sneakers   ADIDAS SUPERSTAR - Purse  FOREVER 21 - PomPom Keychain  IN VOGUE


Not so like a Boy

Hi y'all!
Here is the first outfit since a long time!
As the title suggest, this look is boyish but not too much.
Indeed, it features a teeshirt I found in the Man section in H&M last october.
I often style it as a dress when I want to look more feminine or with skinnies when I don't feel like being too girly.
But today, I want to look a little more feminine and wore it as a long teeshirt with a black bodycon skirt underneath.
So here is the result!
As always,thanks for passing by and do not hesitate to comment.

Hola a todos!
Este es el primer outfit despues de un tiempo!
Como lo sugiere el titulo, se trata de un look varonil pero no tanto.
De hecho, encontre este teeshirt en la seccion Hombre de H&M en pasado octubre.
Suelo llevarlo como un vestido cuando quiero verme mas feminina o con unos skinnies cuando no me siento como verme muy girly.
Pero hoy, quiero verme un poco mas feminina y lo llevo puesto como un teeshirt largo con una falda apuesta debajo.
Asi que aqui esta como se ve!
Como lo suelo decir, gracias por su visita y no dude en comentar.


Teeshirt  H&M MAN -  Skirt/Falda  H&M  - Denim Jacket/ Chaqueta Denim  RED SOUL
Socks/Calcetines  FOREVER 21 - Combat Boots  UNKNOWN BRAND 
Croosbody Bag/Bolsa  IN VOGUE - Chocker/Gargantilla  STRADIVARIUS


I am back!

Photo taken during my road trip in January

Hi guys!
Sorry for this long hiatus but I have been focusing on my studies; and now I am finally over!
My exchange semester is over, and I am going back to France after more than 6 months spent in Colombia in a few days.
During this period without posting, I have been studying so as to validate my semester, and I made it with a 3.84 GPA.
I am rather proud of myself as I studied in a language that is not my mother tongue and I managed to do it quite well.
I will make a post about all the things I have been through when I get back to France.
I will also do a shopping haul as I purchased quite a few things here.
Once again, sorry for this long time without posting.
As always, thanks for passing by and do not hesitate to comment!



The Adidas Cap

Hi Y'all!
It's been a while since I last posted an outfit so here it is!
I will try to post more before the end of May, since the final exams are at the end of next month, and I have to pass those to validate my exchange semester here in Colombia.
As always, thanks for passing by and do not hesitate to comment.

Hola a todos!
Hace un tiempo desde la ultima vez que poste un outfit, asi que aqui esta!
Voy a intentar postar mas antes de finales de Mayo, ya que los parciales finales son al fin del proximo mes, y que tengo que pasarlos para validar mi semestre como estudiante exterior aqui en Colombia.
Como  lo suelo decir, gracias por su visita y no dude en comentar.


Crop Top   FOREVER21 - High waisted Skinnies/ Skinnies de tiro alto   PULL&BEAR
Sneakers/Deportivas  ADIDAS SUPERSTAR - Denim Jacket/Jacketa Denim  RED SOUL
Crossbody Bag/Bolso  IN VOGUE - Cap/Gorra   ADIDAS - Chocker  FOREVER21