First Designer Tee : Karl Lagerfeld

I'm sooo happy like I do not know how to react!
I finally have a designer tee, and it's from one of my favorite ones aka KARL LAGERFELD!
My mom did not wanted me to buy it, she said to me : " You are a student, you can not afford to buy a tee at such a high price..."
And I answerd to her "But hey Mum, I am 20 now, and I started to earn some money working during summer and other holidays, so I can buy this tee now, and I will save some money for other things, don't you think?"
So, I tried on 3 designs of white tee, and I finally chose this one because, it is more structured and more chic than the others ones (to my mind, of course).

So, let me introduce Karlie Tee, my first designer tee (and new baby next to my iPhone, my David Jones Ombre Purse, and my Grey Nike Air Force One).


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