Split it up!

Hi Y'all!
It's now been 2 weeks since I began my internship and I really enjoy doing it!
It will and is helping me out to figure what I want to do once I graduate from my Business School.
But let's come back to the real topic of this post, my outfit of the day.
Well, I had to work at home as every Wednesday, my boss has to deal with her kids and cannot work with my co-intern and I.
So I decided to go casual but not so much by wearing a burgundy split skirt and a black crop top.
I paired them with platform sneakers and some golden accessories.
Here it is!
Do not hesitate to comment.
PS : Yes, once again I'm wearing my glasses as it is a kind of day off.

Split Skirt                       BERSHKA
Crop Top                        H&M
Jacket                              PIMKIE
Platform Shoes               TOP OR
Gold Cross Necklace      Present (I have it since my birth)
Necklace                         FOREVER 21
Purse                               DAVID JONES
Nailpolish                       KIKO QUICK DRY N°849

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