Hi y'all!
So here is a post about my first ever order on Boohoo.com!
Yes, I have known this online shop for quite a while now but I have never really ordered anything until now.
Actually, I have had filled my bag last year around this time of the year, but I saw after a while that all the orders have had been cancelled due to some problems in the maintenance of the site so this order is technically not the first one.
But whatever.
So for this order, as it was the first official one, I only order one item for myself - along with 2 items for my mom- and it is something I have been eyeing for a long time in either online shops and blog post from the Bloggers I follow religiously for some time now.
And this item is a bellsleeves off-the-shoulder top, that you can purchase here.


It is available in 3 colors: Black, Grey and Mauve.
I decided to go for the black one as it is more adaptable than the other 2 colors -in my opinion and as a Black color lover-.
I already pictured in my head how I will style it and now that I finally received it, even more outfits ideas came to my mind.
So here I tried on this beauty.

I cannot wait to show you guys some outfits with it!
As always, thanks for passing by and do not hesitate to comment.

PS : As I am quite satisfied by this top, I will order more stuff from this site for sure.


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