Online Shopping is becoming my thing (too)

Hi Y'all!
As you may know, before online purchasing on MISSGUIDED about a month ago, I had never done online shopping.
I am the kind of person who likes to try on clothes before purchasing anything. I'm used to go out so as to do shopping and do some sport - because yes, walking for hours in a mall is doing sport- at the same time. That's why I always say to my friends that "shopping is my cardio".
So let's go back to the real topic: Online Shopping.
First of all, I was reluctant to do online shopping because I always thought that I will receive things that look far far away from what I saw on the website, and also that the fitting will not be as good as if I tried the pieces on directly on the mall.
But then, when lots of my friends started to tell me about some really good wensites, I started to visit them so as to figure this out by myself and... I finally decided to enter the Online Shoppers Gang!
And I'm not disappointed at all, at the contrary I am so satisfied of what I ordered and received from MISSGUIDED and ZARA for my first try that I decided to renew the experience via MISSGUIDED and ROMWE.
And I think I'm becoming quite addited to what MISSGUIDED offers, I take a look at what's new in almost everyday. I think they're going to make me go broke someday - just kidding-.


PS: I also ordered things for my mom so not all the items ordered will be mine.

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